3 Tips to a Great Home Office

As working from home becomes increasingly accessible, more homeowners are looking to craft the perfect home office. Here are three tips we recommend as you look to adapt, create, or invest in a home office.

Keep it light.

Natural light increases productivity and boosts mood at work. Embrace that knowledge, and incorporate a large window or series of windows into your home office. Add a mirror to reflect the existing natural light throughout the space.K

Keep it private.

Distraction can be a major concern when working from home. Make sure you have the ability to shut the office door and focus on the tasks at hand…and also the ability to shut the door and leave your work behind as you head to the kitchen!

Keep it simple.

As much as possible, keep the space simple, functional, and focused on work. Aesthetics are important, but your home office is a great space to practice finding form in function. Look for a desk, chairs, and filing cabinets that add beauty through their design, and let that design speak for itself.

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