Custom Home Design in the Making

One of the great pleasures of our work is the opportunity to design homes for unique settings. At Bromik, we draw on our decades of custom home design experience to create intentional, human-centered homes at every opportunity, whether it’s a spec house, remodel, or custom project.

The home design process excites us as we turn our attention to the unique needs of the property and its surroundings. We consider neighbors–or lack thereof–sunlight, tree groves, and the natural shape of the land before we ever put pencil to paper.


That’s exactly how we’re approaching Cantershire, a custom home project in Kirkland’s Bridle Trails neighborhood.

The home beautifully considers its equine setting and embraces the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

As we move from design to build and build to finishing touches, we aim to pursue quality and relationship at every juncture. We want the home’s residents to enjoy beauty and functionality for years to come, and we want every colleague and every client to experience value in their relationship with Bromik.

At Bromik, we prioritize functional, people-first home design. Contact us to find out about our latest projects and listings.