The Westy

I like to put together a design that fits the scale of the neighboring houses without being overly prominent. Smart design will stand out either way. It speaks for itself as people pass by.

Mike Benes, Bromik Designer

Every Bromik home is a nod to the community in which it’s set. It needs to fit naturally into its environment and serve the needs of the homeowners. The Westy was an exercise in adapting great design to an established setting and making a home function well for its future occupants.

Creative Design

No two home builds are alike. Each lot, design, and build process interact differently and present unique challenges. While constructing The Westy, our team was constrained to specific height restrictions and a set lot coverage. Our solution: to prioritize outdoor living.

In an urban setting, maximizing the functionality of outdoor living spaces is crucial. Here, we created a natural extension of the interior common living spaces with a covered patio leading into a fenced backyard. Verdant landscaping brings natural beauty to an urban yard and invites the homeowners to enjoy the outdoor space.

This intentional green space creates an additional “room” outside and allowed us to use every inch of the lot well.

Form in Function

As we’ve served the Kirkland community through the years, our custom home projects have taught us to listen for and understand exactly what people need in a home. Now we translate those insights into every project we pursue.

The Westy is built for people. Because of the size restrictions we encountered, we knew that every space within the home needed to function well. The kitchen, living room, and dining room flow naturally together, offering refuge to unwind after work and room to host friends on the weekends.

At every opportunity, we added the Bromik touch. A wood accent wall in the dining room, exposed wood beams in the family room, and built-in shelves in the master bedroom weave together for a beautiful home experience.

Like every Bromik home, the Westy is built on and for beauty, function, and strong relationships.

Bromik Design and Build is proud to be part of the Kirkland community. The Bromik team has served the East Side for more than 15 years, designing and constructing exceptional homes for our neighbors. Contact us to learn more about our homes and services.