Working the Angles

kirkland home design

Bromik is built on strong relationships and great design. First impressions matter in home design. A home’s exterior not only reflects its inhabitants, it impacts the neighborhood. We work in the wonderful paradox of creating homes that fit well in their context…and yet still stand out from the crowd.

Kirkland Contemporary

Kirkland Contemporary embodies just that–a contemporary aesthetic. We played with angles and materials, mixing wood, stone, and concrete to create a sharp, modern exterior. Walls of windows invite light to pour into the home and create a sense of natural openness. Thoughtful landscaping softens the home’s bold approach and complements it with organic beauty.

Bromik Design and Build is proud to be part of the Kirkland community. The Bromik team has served the East Side for more than 15 years, designing and constructing exceptional homes for our neighbors. Contact us to learn more about our homes and services.