Kirkland real estate: 7 key real estate agent terms to know

Buying a home can be daunting. For most, it’s a dive into a world of overwhelming terms and procedures. We’ve gathered seven key real estate agent terms to guide you on your journey through Kirkland real estate.

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1. Real estate agent

Simply put, a real estate agent is a professional with a state-issued real estate license who represents clients as they buy and sell homes and lots. They work under a broker.

2. Buyer’s agent

An agent who represents a buyer throughout the home-buying journey.

3. Listing agent

An agent who represents the seller in the home-buying journey.

4. Dual agent

A dual agent represents both sides of the transaction, as opposed to having a buyer’s agent and a listing agent.

5. Real estate broker

A real estate broker is an agent who’s passed the state broker’s exam and met a minimum number of transactions. They can work independently or hire agents.

6. Realtor

A Realtor is an agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. These agents must adhere to NAR’s code of standards and ethics.

7. Mortgage broker

The mortgage broker is an individual or business that takes care of all aspects of the deal between borrowers and lenders. This includes originating loans or placing it with a funding source like a bank.

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