State Street Style

Contemporary style design in downtown Kirkland

At Bromik, we take pride in crafting extraordinary homes, crafted with life in mind. The State Street Lofts project maximizes location and compact lot sizes in downtown Kirkland for four cohesive family homes. The homes’ mixed wood, concrete, and steal exteriors embody the best of contemporary style design. We...


securing your home

Secure your home with these helpful tips

Whether you’re at work for several hours a day or out of town for weeks at a time, making sure your home secure is essential to your safety and peace of mind. Here are a few tips to help you avoid burglary. Bromik will always craft a home with...


Housebuilder Trends for 2019

As we look into the coming year of home design and building, we’re anticipating continued advancements in technology, evolution in green design, and changes in regulations. Here are a few to watch for as you observe the world of home building in 2019.  As always, we’re excited to see...